See Beyond IT

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Legacy IT is the black box of IT- Understanding what is going on inside is nearly impossible and the costs keeps rising every year. The increasing demand for compliance and agility makes this an unsustainable way of operating IT.

OpsAI provides an overview of the workloads, dependencies and the legacy software in your IT setup, turning that black box into a glass box.

What’s inside the box?

Through a straightforward process OpsAI enables you to quickly create insight needed for optimizing your IT Infrastructure or build transition cases.

servers scanned
30 million different network connections collected
360 million server performance measurements collected

A few steps away from 100% transparency

OpsAI gives you a clear understanding, making it easier for C-level to make IT decisions based on real-time data.

A single virtual machine is all that is needed for OpsAI to perform an agentless scan of your entire network. Generating true intel on your IT infrastructure. 


Get the score - in real-time

Dynamically updated scorecards and dashboards enables you to take quick needed action on critical IT issues. 

Take control of your technical debt and other weakness in your IT infrastructure with OpsAI.

See the complete picture that OpsAI gives you, by providing an overview of all your applications grouped by hardware, hypervisor and cloud in combination with the server version they are running.

Get direct access to a list of grouped servers based on metrics from the dashboard, enabling you to take immediate action.

Do the math, make the case

OpsAI gives you all the numbers and metrics required to build business cases for change – based on the reality of your current IT.

Giving you a holistic overview with real numbers, descriptive metrics, and scoreboards. OpsAI delivers the crucial data you need for building IT based business cases and giving you the required insights for Management to make sound decisions.  

OpsAI shows you the future costs and the saving potential related to on-premise IT projects and cloud migration initiatives through the options of retiring old servers, right-sizing your platform and moving servers into the Cloud. Allowing Management to access insights into the Financial Operations of IT. 

Application Groups

Use cases

Mergers & Acquisitions

Cloud Transition

IT Cost Management

Mergers & Acquisitions

Visualize Processes and Dependencies, to enable the merger of IT

Acquiring new assets creates the challenges of merging multiple functional system in to one efficient and safe structure. This raise issues with how to asses and incorporate the acquired IT estate in a cost- and performance-oriented manner.

OpsAI enables this through its ability to create a dynamic CMDB based on its automated scans, giving you the insights into the acquired IT infrastructure. Enabling you to fill out the gaps between the 2 organizations with actionable knowledge about the combined operational state of your IT.

OpsAI also visualizes risk, giving a One-Truth picture of the state of affairs.

OpsAI will give the IT department the power to serve the business during the M&A process:

  • Agentless Scanning of both IT estates

  • Quick and Seamless monitoring of all assets and servers in both estates

  • Agile IT management and onboarding of new assets

  • Always up to date CMDB – for total INSIGHT in the 2 companies

  • Instant Assets Graph INSIGHTS

  • Result oriented monitoring and COST simulation and planning

IT Governance & Cloud Center of Excellence Tool

The OpsAI scanner gives you clear INSIGHT into all relevant aspects of your IT infrastructure.

offering you

An IT Governance System
Keeping track of compliance and risks in your IT infrastructure

A Cloud Center of Excellence Tool
Helping modern day infrastructure migrate to the Cloud

Enrich your knowledge

  • Tag your servers, add notes in your Dynamic CMDB, find your Technical Debt.
  • Set up a framework for what level of risk and technical debt you will tolerate.
  • OpsAI gives you the tools to manage your digital future – for instance moving into the Cloud.